Infrared Photography

A few years back, John was walking through an art show and stopped at a particular tent that drew his attention. There, art centered around the usage of light in extreme conditions. Drawn by the curiosity of what else could be done using light, John went on a journey to find out how color had been manipulated with light in the photography world.

This led him to infrared styled photography. A style where common colors (red, green, blue) are heavily manipulated with light to create a completely new visual experience. The resulting process ends with photos that are either mostly red or mostly white as can be seen below.

The goal of this art is to give us a look at everyday moments that we often take for granted and give us a new appreciation for how important light is to our perception of color.

If you would like to see more, all of his photography is now available to view and is available for purchase at his new shopify website.

Bird at the lakeNature lake redNature lake whiteRoses whiteRoses redTree at the lakeTurn in the pathStone bridge in lakeWooden tower in the treesGrass and trees with lake and sky in the backgroundLake reeds and surface algaeZoo birds on lakeSevere storm passing at sunsetSevere storm passing road 1Severe storm passing road 2Rain on a sunny day 1Rain on a sunny day 2Pine tree with lake background on early spring dayBridge on marsh in summer forest and in shade